AudioKit (2014-2016)

AudioKit is an open-source audio analysis, synthesis, and processing toolkit for iOS and OS X apps. Now in its third version, I have been involved in development, communication, and education since prior to the initial public release in 2014.

Prior to its initial public release, I helped prepare AudioKit for open-sourcing by creating example projects, writing tutorials, and creating website content. I also created.


Project SOLI Alpha Developers Program (2016-2017)

I was of 80 developers worldwide to be accepted into Google's Project Soli Alpha Developer Program and was one of only 14 Alpha Developers to be invited to Google HQ to workshop new ideas regarding potential applications using SOLI.  Specifically,  my work involved investigating Soli's potential use in new musical instruments.  Some of this work was showin in this video presented by ATAP at Google I/O 2016.

This research was published in O Soli Mio: Exploring Millimeter Wave Radar for Musical Interaction,  co-written with Francisco Bernardo and
Paul Batchelor, at the NIME 2017 Conference in Copenhagen.  You can download a copy of the paper here, and see the work in action here.

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I created and developed Whistlr, an app for sharing your contact information with acquaintances, colleagues at a conference, or the person you just met at the coffeeshop. Powered by Chirp’s data over sound technology, Whistlr lets you easily share contact information with those around you.

Asteroid Technologies (Nov 2017 - May 2019)

While at Asteroid, I helped develop a desktop Mac application that let developers make AR interactions using animations, 3D assets, machine learning models, and scripting. The app was able to export these interactions out as Xcode projects that were ready to run an ARKit-based app on an iOS device.

I also developed features that allowed for communication between iOS devices and various hardware peripherals, and prototyped AR interactions for interacting with multimedia content. Additionally, I researched and developed input devices for inclusion in a crowdfunded project for human-interface developers.