Integrating Arduino-Bluetooth Sensors with iOS

One area that I've been exploring recently is Bluetooth communication between sensor-circuits and iOS apps. I wanted to share one of these studies, based on some of the examples provided from the good folks at Adafruit. It consists of a sensor that can detect the presence of a flame, and send that information over Bluetooth to an iPhone app, which displays the reading from the sensor. 

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Touché, and Water as an Interface

After experimenting with learning how Touché could be used to interact with plants, I wanted to see how I could use it to interact with water. 

In the Touché paper, the authors demonstrate that the sensor is capable of detecting how a user is touching the surface of, or submerging their hand in water. The system is able to distinguish among a variety of touch interactions: no hand, 1 finger, 3 fingers, and hand submerged:

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Talking to Plants: Touché Experiments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was really pleased to see that the ESP-Sensors project had included code for working with a circuit based on Touché

I had earlier come across other implementations of Touché for the Arduino, but unlike the ESP project, none of them utilized machine learning for classifying gesture types.

Touché is a project developed at Disney Research that uses swept-frequency capacitive sensing to "...not only detect a touch event, but simultaneously recognize complex configurations of the human hands and body during touch interaction."

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Arduino + AudioKit Demo

I've added a new OS X project on GitHub that shows how a simple oscillator created with AudioKit can be controlled with a physical interface.  It's written in Swift, and uses the ORSSerialPort library to interface with an Arduino Uno. I've published a demo video of the project on Vimeo. 

A detailed description of how the app works can be found in the project's README file. 

I hope you find it useful! If you have any questions, or use it as part of your project, please let me know! 


nick (at) audiokit (dot) io