Nick went to college with a jazz bass scholarship to study music recording, live sound reinforcement, and sound design. A mostly self-taught programmer, he became interested in the field after developing repetitive wrist strain; rendering him unable to play bass for a long period of time.

He then gained an interest in how technology could help people with disabilities to make music. This interest led him to the University of York, where he wrote his thesis on the use of multitouch gestures in interactive music apps.

Upon returning to the United States, Nick worked as an iOS developer at both product focused and consulting companies. He learned to work with product managers and designers to prototype concepts and produce production-ready features.

During this time, Nick was also a member of Google ATAP's Project Soli Alpha Developer program, where he was invited to test the Soli developer kit. This included selection to attend a development workshop with the ATAP team, as well as inclusion of his work in a video shown at Google I/O. Nick also co-wrote a paper on this work that was presented at NIME 2016.

He then began freelancing; mostly working with startups. He joined one of these, Asteroid; full-time as employee one, relocating to San Francisco.

While at Asteroid, he worked to develop a macOS app for building ARKit interactions that are ready to run on iOS devices. He also researched and prototyped AR-focused features and experiments around a variety of modalities, including audio and voice, haptics, gestures, and controllers.

This work was conducted with a focus on speed, and the ability to quickly demonstrate concepts and examples for feature evaluation. During this period, he worked with a variety of technologies, from Objective-C and Swift on both macOS and iOS to Python on a Raspberry Pi, and hardware sketches with Arduinos.

Nick is interesting in prototyping and building new forms of human-computer interaction , and in building tools that help people be more creative through their technology.

He can be reached at nicholasarner (at) gmail (dot) com, and his resume can be found here.